The Vacirca legal practice was founded in 1927 by lawyer Vincenzo Vacirca, who came from a family of jurists of Ragusa and then decided to move to Catania.


The lawyer Vincenzo Vacirca, known since the very beginning of his career as one of the most brilliant jurist of his time, started and then consolidated with his activity the fame and prestige that nowadays is attributed to the firm that carries his name.


Dozens of lawyers that today successfully work in Sicily, in Italy and abroad, had their apprenticeship or worked in the Vacirca legal practice and still recognise to our firm a fundamental role in their professional and deontological training.


In 1963, when he was only 22, Lucio Vacirca, the eldest son of the firm’s founder, started his apprenticeship. During his career Lucio has paid a special attention to issues of commercial and company law, giving a determinant contribute to the success and modernization of the firm, whose clients nowadays are mainly companies.


VINCENZO VACIRCA (1904 - 1999)

Born in Ragusa in 1904, in 1926 he obtained his degree in Law at the University of Catania, magna cum laude.